In Time Mail Business Class Collaboration Package
Business Class Collaboration provides collaboration tools that will change the way your business works. All the features of our In Time Mail 1GB Business Class Email plus shared Contacts, Calendar, and Files, as well as Instant Messaging, with additional 1 GB file storage.

Get connected and stay connected with big business technology at a small business price!

Business Class Collaboration Benefits

Hosted Email Service - No Startup CostsSave Time and Reduce Technology Costs
..Our Business Class Collaboration package offers a savings of over $3/user/month off the same features purchased on ..an a la carte basis. And, when you use In Time Mail for your business email and collaboration you never pay set-up fees ..or spend money on costly hardware and service charges.
Hosted Email Service - No Startup CostsEasily Managed
..Every In Time Mail Email program includes our Enterprise Manager administrative control panel. Enterprise Manager ..makes it possible to instantly add or delete accounts, adjust storage limits, and select additional features as you go. ..And you only pay for what you’re actually using.
Hosted Email Service - No Startup CostsAnytime, Anywhere Access
..Collaboration features give you and your team the ability to instantly share Calendars, Contacts, and Files and Instant ..message among team members in real time from any connected computer, PDA or WAP-enabled phone, wherever you ..are.

Enterprise Manager
BlueTie Enterprise Manager provides companies with a centralized interface for managing all of their employee BlueTie accounts. Enterprise Manager combines features including account creation, deletion and locking, centralized billing, and a division and group-based employee hierarchal control system.

BlueTie Enterprise Manager enables an enterprise administrator to control what users have access to each application. For example, the enterprise administrator can turn off instant messaging for one department, but turn it on for another. The administrator also has complete control over what additional features users of the enterprise have access to, giving the enterprise complete control over the cost of the system.

BlueTie Enterprise Manager gives the enterprise administrator and company managers the tools they need to effectively manage their staff. Companies can easily manage multiple offices and a distributed workforce from one centralized location.

Shared Calendars
With BlueTie, you can easily manage your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar. This unique calendaring system gives you the ability to maintain your schedule and provides the option to share it with others.

The option to share your calendar is completely controlled and modified by you. If you choose to share your calendar, (either with BlueTie users or non-users) you may then also choose to limit their access to it. BlueTie simply provides the option of sharing in order to make scheduling and collaboration as easy as possible.

Schedule meetings with co-workers, have access to others' schedules, and check the availability of resources such as conference rooms, equipment, and more. Users can refer to BlueTie calendars and provide timely feedback, even when key project participants are in different locations.

For instance, if you would like to schedule a meeting with multiple people, the calendar application can search for the first available time for participants and sends them a meeting request. They can either accept or reject the request and the meeting will instantly appear on each participant's calendar. Your meeting is scheduled in a matter of minutes with no phone calls, voice mails, waiting for callbacks, or wasted time.

Shared Contacts
BlueTie Contacts is a sophisticated contact management application that provides users with a powerful and efficient way to store all of their business and personal contacts in one place. It also serves as a company directory.

Users can store an unlimited amount of contacts in the contact application and can easily import up to 5,000 additional contacts at one time from ACT!, Outlook, Outlook Express, Maximizer, or Goldmine.

Contacts has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the entire BlueTie suite, enabling users to view contacts directly from SimpleClick™, have birthdays and anniversaries automatically appear in their calendar, exchange blueCards™, and share contacts with other BlueTie users.

Shared Files
The BlueTie files application provides users with file storage and file sharing capabilities without having to purchase a file server. The file application combines strong security with fast and easy file transfer, making working from anywhere as easy and efficient as possible.

BlueTie File Cabinet users have their own private file storage system with a minimum of 1GB of storage. They can also choose to share certain folders with other BlueTie users or non-users.

Store important files such as spreadsheets, sales presentations, company policies, time cards, and more in your file folders - a central location where all appropriate parties can access them.

Additional file features include the ability to create sub-folders, increased non-member sharing access, and the option to assign Read Only or Full Access sharing capabilities.

Instant Messaging (IM)
BlueTie Instant Messaging (IM) provides a fast and efficient communication platform that enables users to instantly communicate over the Internet.

BlueTie IM allows you to manage multiple conversations at one time and can be used while in any other BlueTie application, ultimately helping to increase your productivity and your ability to multi-task.

Additionally, BlueTie IM provides the option to block users whom you choose not to chat with from sending you an instant message, allowing you to control your chat time and better manage your work. You may also choose from various online status options that determine which users may see you online.

The Currently Online function of IM allows you to see what users on your list are online prior to sending emails, scheduling meetings, or placing telephone calls. And with the IM feature, you can save time and money spent on long distance phone calls to co-workers working from remote locations.

SecureSend is BlueTie's unique and secure file-sending feature that allows users to send files with complete confidence in knowing that your information and confidential data will remain safe.

When sending a SecureSend file, users have the option to schedule a specific time for the document to be sent, as well as receive notification when the designated recipients upload the sent document.

Downloading incoming SecureSend files is fault-tolerant. If your Internet connection breaks in the middle of the download, the download will later resume at the break point when you are able to re-connect.

SecureSend also allows you to keep track of all documents that you have ever sent and received, while maintaining a secure environment for all of your confidential business data