Virus Protection
In Time Mail prevents hundreds of thousands of viruses from reaching our users each week. We perform server-side virus scanning that actively scans each message before it reaches a user's inbox.

If a message contains a file with a parasitic virus or some other virus that can be removed from an otherwise useful file, the system will first attempt to clean that file.

If a message contains a file that is a Trojan horse virus, or some other virus that contains no valuable information, the system will strip the virus from the email and deliver the clean email to the user. A text document is then attached, letting the user know what events have occurred.

Spam Control
In Time Mail employs a sophisticated spam filtering system designed to keep spam from ever reaching a user's inbox. Each message is forced to pass through multiple layers of detection before it is ever delivered to the user.

In Time Mail has recently released new anti-spam features to protect every account, allowing users to take control of their inbox. In Time Mail is committed to providing the most powerful tools in the industry to combat spam and to help make using In Time Mail an enjoyable and productive experience.

On the server side, In Time Mail uses SpamAssassin™ and other spam filtering tools in addition to our custom tools that include multiple Real-Time Blackhole List lookups, relay blocking, complete header inspection, and an advanced heuristics engine.

In Time Mail users have the ability to maintain both a "safe list" and a "block list" to further protect their inbox and to individually define specific senders as either "good" or "bad". This feature, in addition to the junk mail restriction control (where users can raise or lower the setting dependent upon the amount of junk mail they receive) allows for increased security based upon each individual account.

Our unique spam filtering features allow users to decrease time spent weeding through unnecessary and unwanted emails, and more time on the messages that are vital to their business.

Message Filtering
In Time Mail users have access to our content filtering feature that allows individual users to create sophisticated rules for mail handling. This feature allows users to better combat incoming spam as well as organize "good" messages for increased control of their inbox.

Message filtering allows a user to organize incoming emails and reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail delivered to the inbox. By defining a specific word, string of words, or phrase, In Time Mail users can filter all incoming messages according to their preferences. Every email that contains an exact word/phrase that a user has targeted as "junk" will be filtered.

Each filtered message can either be moved to a specified folder, or a duplicate copy of the email will be sent to the desired destination.

Users may also choose to set filters that will send specified messages to another email address, allowing the In Time Mail inbox to remain as organized and free of clutter as possible.

At In Time Mail, we believe that our message filtering feature in conjunction with our junk mail control options provide our users with some of the most powerful tools and innovative technology in the industry